What Would You Do For Discounted Nutella?

nutella and baguette

If your answer is “Push and Shove to get the good stuff”, you would feel right at home in France. We have long gotten used to shocking scenes of people fighting, disruption, even fatalities,  in order to get early bird Christmas and Black Friday deals in the U.S. It’s kind of sad that it continues on a yearly basis. Our desire to buy even frivolous stuff is not abated in any way. A few days ago, the French supermarket Intermarche offered  Nutella at 70% off the regular price and chaos ensued. It’s almost comical because when I picture the French, I think of them as being usually sophisticated and unflappable. It’s nice to see them lose their cool just a bit in an effort to grab some Nutella. A jar of Nutella was just €1.40 instead of the regular price of €4.50! If you’re a big fan, it’s an awesome deal and might just make you lose it. It is estimated that 26% world consumption of Nutella is done by the French.

What is Nutella you ask? It’s a hazelnut and chocolate spread that contains an insane amount of sugar and is made by the Italian company Ferrero. Most people l know love it. My husband is a big fan. Nutella is the equivalent of peanut butter in the States so he grew up eating it. My taste for chocolate tends to begin and stop with Kit-Kat, so lucky for me, I can resist it if l want. This isn’t a post to tell you how unhealthy it is and why you shouldn’t eat it. It is simply to show that people love Nutella. Had l been there, I might have even grabbed some and resold it for a little profit. Hey, don’t blame the hustler 🙂 . With Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe this awesome pizza could be part of your celebration. The question remains. What would you do for discounted Nutella?

nutella pizza with pistachio desert
I did however love this Nutella pizza dessert with pistachio at our favorite pizzeria. I think the dough made it awesome.

Have you ever had Nutella? Do you love it, or do you prefer peanut butter?

12 thoughts on “What Would You Do For Discounted Nutella?”

  1. Awesome title! I would not do anything for discounted Nutella, but when I am at the grocery store and I see a good sale, I scoop up a hefty amount of whatever it is. I am not sure what I would do if the aisle was crowded with a ton of people all about to reach for the same thing. I am sure I would not push and shove, but I would certainly cross my fingers there would be some left for me.

      • OH yum! A dollop of Nutella in hot chocolate actually sounds good to me, only l think the oil would rise to the top, but l bet it would taste good. You might just have started a new concoction :-).

    • Thanks 🙂 . I don’t blame you for getting extra of something on sale. That is using your head. I was just amazed to see because Nutella is not really a necessity..well..at least for most people. I think if l saw it happening, l would be too busy laughing to even try and get in the fray :-).

  2. I was really shocked to see that on the news! LOL . We had free samples in the mailbox. I wouldn’t even test taste it. It looks gross to me. I’m thinking we are like sheep, controlled by whom??? Even a sale on salt will clear the shelves. How much is really saved????


    • It was shocking to see for sure, but that is a little too far, shoving and grabbing. I once had a look at the calories and fat etc in each serving (something like 4 or 5 tablespoonfuls of sugar) and that was when my husband decided he wasn’t having it any more which was saying a lot as he has been eating it since he was a kid. Throw those free samples away. It might be addicting 🙂 🙂 .

    • I’m positive that with your coupon skills, you could even get it for free 🙂 . No need to shove and push. Nothing is that important 🙂 . Well, except trying to get up close to Rick Springfield years ago 🙂 🙂 .

    • My husband does too. He wouldn’t push and shove he says, but he would pray there would be some left for him to buy 🙂 . Very good on pizza though.


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