Walking Is My Easiest And Favorite Healthy Habit

walking is my easiest and favorite health habit

A healthy habit is described as any behavior that benefits our mental, physical and emotional health. The point though, is that even knowing the benefits of healthy habits, it’s hard to incorporate it into our lifestyles. We are so tempted by all the fattening foods that are readily available and are cheap to boot. The next time you’re watching television, count in the space of 5 minutes how many commercials you see for fast food, fattening soda and desserts loaded with calories . You have to be superhuman to resist.

Healthy habits to help improve lifestyle include:

  • eating right, incorporating fruits into the diet
  • exercise
  • moderate consumption of alcohol

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I admit to sometimes slipping in my effort to stay healthy, especially in the summer. The weather is often hot and muggy which discourages me from my regular walks during the day. By the time night falls, any thought of exercise is completely gone as l settle in to watch television or read a book. I could of course join a gym,  which l have done in the past, but more often than not, l give up on going after just a few months. We are lucky right now to live in front of a park with dedicated paths for walkers and joggers. This has made walking as part of my healthy habit so much easier. We do it first thing every morning. We have also stopped consuming alcohol (down from 3 servings of beer/wine per week). Our neighborhood grocery stores are about half a mile from the house so we walk back and forth on a daily basis. Our new frugal habit has also saved us money because we all know it’s cheaper to eat at home. Who doesn’t love saving money?

pasta miramone
Home cooked meals such as this fusilli with clams and mushrooms are the new norm

While l am not at the ideal weight according to world standards, I feel more mentally alert. The weight seems to be coming off (my clothes are looser fitting) and l am actually enjoying fresh fruit. Fast food is a thing of the past for us as well. We eat in for the most part. Walking has been good for my overall health.

What is your easiest and favorite healthy habit?


12 thoughts on “Walking Is My Easiest And Favorite Healthy Habit”

  1. You are absolutely right about this! I slip all the time in my effort to keep healthy. But it’s nice to know that a morning walk can do a lot of benefit than just giving up. We are all works in progress.

    • I think the most important part about slipping is getting right back on the horse so to speak :-). We definitely are all works in progress :-).

  2. I’m still in the process of creating healthy habits. I guess the one I’m managing is a daily breakfast of steel cut oatmeal mixed with banana and a seasoning mix, w/o additional sweeteners. I’m also tracking what I’m eating and getting a better idea of how to measure my intake.

  3. I walk every day with my dog. It’s for hers and mine sake! I also go to an aerobic class three times/week, swim once/week. For me it’s harder in winter, specifically this month of January.


    • I can’t count on a daily walk with our little dog, at best every 2nd or 3rd day. Other days, she will simply get out the front door, door her business right there, and no amount of coaxing, dragging will make her move further. Other days, she will walk the whole time with no fuss. The regular beagle goes at the speed of light and my hubby walks him. She cries pitifully if she’s left alone. It’s just easier for us to walk together in the morning and then walk them in the afternoon as a bonus walk :-). Good for you..aerobics is very nice. I used to love kick-boxing too when l lived the States.

  4. My number one is without a doubt loving myself! 🙂

    From that comes others naturally. Yoga three times /week, walking, no fast food, meditation, good friends, a cozy home and healthy sleep. To name a few.

    • Self love is extremely important. I think it makes you so confident. I’ve always been a big girl and have never felt the shame that people seem to feel about their size. I do however want to live the best life l can, so exercise is a part of that, along with travel to name a few. I like cozy home :-).

    • Since we stopped with the wine and beer, we have upped our water intake. Now, when we go out for dinner, we order sparkling water to spice things up..haha! Thanks for the encouragement.


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