Are We In A Recession? 8 Helpful Tips

Despite the fact that the U.S and a lot of other countries are humming along nicely, with a low level of unemployment, ginormous corporate profit, and retail sales on an ever-increasing streak, there is a nagging worry that we are indeed headed for a recession in the near future. Are we in a recession? Or … Read more

One Shrewd Baby Step for a Wealthy Future

putting money in bank. One shrewd baby step

Nowadays, more than ever, it is extremely important to ensure that you will have wealth when you retire. The world is in very uncertain flux and no one knows what the future will bring. Depending on who you choose to believe, Social Security might or might not be there.

You might or might not be able to retire at 65. See what l mean about uncertainties? What l do know for certain is that you need to take action and take care of number one. You! You know why? Because nobody cares enough about you. You have to help yourself. This one shrewd and painless baby step can make a world of difference to your financial future.

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How to Track Your Net Worth for Free. Absolutely

I am going to show you how to track your net worth for free on this post. If you’re like most of the people on earth, you’re always worried about finances. It’s a real concern as the cost of living seems to increase faster than your pay raises. There are numerous articles discussing how older … Read more

Could You Handle Sudden Wealth Responsibly?

mega millions generic

Could I handle sudden wealth responsibly? This has been on my mind lately and we all know why! One of the many ways to grow wealth for a better future is through savings and investments. This is the generally accepted norm. Another quicker way to wealth has been through sudden wealth. Sudden wealth refers to people who benefit from a windfall and suddenly have huge amounts of money. Best example would be lottery winners, especially when the pot balloons to insane amounts of money, resulting in otherwise conservative people getting pulled into the feverish coverage on television and radio advertisements buying tickets in hopes of winning, which results in even higher payouts. Winning big often leads to disruption of normal life and has been responsible for many families torn apart. Preparation is crucial in these circumstances. Here are some pointers that is of use for everyone, not just people who experience sudden wealth.

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Americans Are Saving Much Less. ( Again!)

dancing man spiraling. Americans are saving less again

Americans are saving much less. What a surprise…not! You know that old saying by Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. It really rings true in this situation. It seemed America was on the right tract for a quick minute.

The great  recession 2007-2012 was an ugly, ugly one for a lot of people,  and the effects were felt all over the world. The part of it that really resonated with me was the Financial Crisis and Mortgage Crisis where the “too big to fail” banks were rescued by the Federal Government. Here we go again, as it seems we just can’t learn from the past.

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Is High Debt Worth A Gruesome Death?

The famous saying goes that there are only two things in life that can be counted on. Death and Taxes. This is attributed to Benjamin Franklin who wrote it in a 1789 letter about the new constitution. I love his autobiography and l would urge everybody to read it. He was a fascinating and extremely brilliant man. I thought about this recently while l was reading a story about a couple who committed suicide because of the spiraling debt. One can only imagine what was going through their minds as they meticulously planned this out. Here are some tips on how to take hold of your finances and avoid a tragic and avoidable fate.

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