Is The Starbucks Credit Card Practical? ( Frugal Alternatives )

starbucks credit card worth it

Is the Starbucks credit card practical? Good question, and l will attempt to anwer that question on this blog post. I know there are quite a few people psyched about the new Starbucks credit card that was just made available. A joint effort with Chase bank, the coffee chain giant has started offering coffee addicts yet another way to accumulate more frivolous debt.

The new credit card is called Starbucks Rewards Visa. Let’s break it down, shall we? I will also offer my own and millions of other peoples frugal way of conquering their coffee addiction.

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Is High Debt Worth A Gruesome Death?

The famous saying goes that there are only two things in life that can be counted on. Death and Taxes. This is attributed to Benjamin Franklin who wrote it in a 1789 letter about the new constitution. I love his autobiography and l would urge everybody to read it. He was a fascinating and extremely brilliant man. I thought about this recently while l was reading a story about a couple who committed suicide because of the spiraling debt. One can only imagine what was going through their minds as they meticulously planned this out. Here are some tips on how to take hold of your finances and avoid a tragic and avoidable fate.

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