Daylight Savings time can only mean one thing! Spring is upon us. Whether you call it Springing ahead of springing forward, the change can mean a psychological shift of the psyche which can have an overall beneficial effect. It is a well known fact that winter is often depressing for a lot of people, hence the name winter doldrums or winter blues. Here are some surefire ways to galvanize yourself into action.

Springing Ahead Can Motivate:

You might feel a little disoriented the first few days after springing ahead, but the thought of the longer days and milder weather should serve to bring a spring to your step. Springing ahead means:

  •  You can stay out longer and enjoy the better weather. Think of all the things you wanted to do, but had to cut short because of impending darkness. Maybe a walk in the park after work was forbidden because of possible mugging or danger. Now, with the added sunlight, go ahead and take the hike, walk the trail or just sit and enjoy the sights with a picnic for one, two or for the family. Use it as an opportunity to start a new project or hobby. Perfect time to start golfing lessons or join the bowling league you’ve often thought about.
springing ahead motivate football

Play Ball!

  • You can dress lighter. Yes, the weather still kind of sucks in most places, but you will soon be able to store your heavy, dark winter coat and opt for some more colorful Spring clothing. Check out your favorite clothing stores and designers for inspiration. Even if you don’t purchase any new items (nothing wrong with frugality), you can still pep up your outfits with accessories like dainty scarves, hats and gloves (Amazon affiliate links)

A dash of color would add a spring feel to older outfits..

A pashmina scarf would brighten your mood and keep you stylish..

  • An excellent opportunity to clean out your closet. You can get rid of clothes that are just taking up space. You could sell them on eBay or have a garage sale to make extra money to put towards something you’ve been lusting for. You could even swap with friends or co-workers. We always took advantage of spring cleaning at work by exchanging appliances, clothing, DVDs etc. (I always purchased cooking equipment thinking l would get around to using it  and never did ;-). Don’t even get me started on the clothes l purchased 1-2 sizes too small in an effort to motivate weight loss 🙂 . Never worked for me, I just ended up with lots of clothes with tags on them still. Swapping was a wonderful way to get new stuff without additional monetary outlay.

Swap with friends or have a garage sale. That’s how we ended up with this practically new and amazing vacuum cleaner for $100, not the original $1950 the owners originally paid (had the receipt still in the box! 😉 ).

Springing ahead also means that summer is right around the corner! Yeah!!!! Barbecues, beach, sun and fun! The anticipation of summer is a great psychological boost. might even be a few pounds lighter with all that walking in the park 🙂 or finally start the new blog you’ve been harping on about.

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springing ahead can motivate golfing

Are you ready for Spring? How is springing ahead going to motivate you?