Social Media Management For Bloggers On The Cheap

social media management for bloggers on the cheap

This post will be especially useful for fellow bloggers who read this blog. The blogging world is a large and ever evolving landscape of social media management in addition to writing and marketing your work. It is hard to keep up with all one needs to do in an effort  to be successful. Not only do you have to write good content, which let’s face it, is the foundation of your online presence , you also have to make sure that your work actually gets seen by the right audience. One of the ways to accomplish that is through social media management. is an awesome tool for this. I have been using the free plan for a while now as part of my strategy. I love it because it keeps my evergreen content evergreen. The free plan allows you to set up 3 social media platforms and have your blog posts posted across them as you wish. Basically, once you’ve set up your account, you can add your desired blog posts to your queue. Once it’s been posted, it goes right back into the queue,  which is fantastic. For information that is “evergreen”, such as travel guides etc. (obviously wouldn’t work for things such as timely news), it offers a way for your content to get seen forever if you desire.

social media management for bloggers

When you consider statistics like the average lifespan of a tweet being just minutes, you understand how beneficial it is to have tweets and posts automated. This means you can reach a wider audience by recycling the posts. You literally set it and forget it! It’s like having a virtual assistant for free. There are of course higher tier plans for

The free plan gives you:

  • 3 social media platforms
  • 10 posts per social platform
  • 15 items in your queue

As my audience grows, I will consider moving up to a paid plan which gives your 50 items in the queue for $9.99 month plus a couple of other things. If you are a new blogger with little money to spare, I think is a very good platform to use, along with other other blogging tools l have written about previously. If you are thinking of starting a blog, be sure to read my easy to follow post.

What tools do you use for social media management?


10 thoughts on “Social Media Management For Bloggers On The Cheap”

  1. I use something that works right on my blog. (I only have to designate those posts I NEVER want to be randomly sent to social media.) About 15 times a day, it notifies my social media accounts of a post I have written over the past seven years or so. (I use my cognitive abilities to post others’ posts to my social media in real time throughout the day- plus my various responses to current events).

    • That sounds pretty good. I have a hodgepodge of freebies that l cobble together to make a whole and cover me for FB and tweeter and google+. Hopefully, l will get to the point where l can pay for some of these apps that l enjoy.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a great idea!! I am going to check it out, for sure. Because I get tired of posting the same blog posts over and over, and never really think through how to stagger them before they come back again. This could help me do that. And I can see how eventually, you could have 50 good posts you want to keep fresh. Thanks!

    • Yeah.. It’s definitely worth checking out. I can’t remember well, but they have a shuffle button too l think so every so often, I shake things up and delete some and add newer ones. Their pricing is not so bad either which makes it really a timesaving app. Good luck 🙂

    • It’s 10 posts per platform per day, so 30 per day if you have enough material. You can delete or add new posts as you like. Click on the link to their site and maybe they might explain it better..check the pricing tab


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