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Revenge Of The Witness – Vigilante Justice is my latest fictional short story that is now available on Amazon. I have been writing less and less on the blog as l try to figure out the path l want to take with regards to content. While l love blogging on here and on the other site, namely Nextbiteoflife travel and lifestyle blog where l document our travel stories, I have found myself wanting more. Having long harbored a desire to be an author of a high caliber, I am slowly trying to achieve that goal. From as far back as l can remember, (I’m going to date myself here!), I have loved authors like Harold Robbins, Sydney Sheldon and British authors like Jeffrey Archer, James Hadley Chase and Enid Blyton who wrote the most amazing fiction andΒ  literature books full of wizards and goblins geared towards children, long before J.K Rowling and her imitation Harry Potter.

Revenge Of The Witness is a work of fiction. It focuses on a young Latina named Ramona who witnesses a murder in daylight of another young woman. She had to make a choice, either to flee like the other bystanders, or stay and try to help. She chose to help, and gets kidnapped for her effort. A female heroine who uses her wits to survive!Β  Amazon has these short read categories:

15 min short read

30 min short read

1 hour short read

2 hours short read

Revenge of the Witness is a 1 hour short read. It can be read on Kindle and other E-readers as well.

I have been devoting more time to writing fiction in hopes of making my dream a reality. I often say fear should not hold you back. Fear hasn’t been holding me back, laziness has. Since l don’t work a traditional 9-5 job, it takes a special effort for me to actually carve some time out for the craft. I knew l had to make some changes. I am going to practice what l preach by taking the following steps:

  • Set time aside each day to write.
  • Join the local community of writers in the city. There is a meetup every two weeks during which we focus on different areas of writing, from planning to plotting to execution. I am hoping that these workshops for which there is a nominal fee will help me become a better writer.
  • Read more. I believe we never stop learning. It keeps the mind sharp. I have been struggling to learn Spanish, and have joined a Book Club where we read a book a month of Spanish short stories. It has been helping with vocabulary and so l will continue. I might also join an English Book Club.

My hope for now is to publish one short story a month and slowly graduate to full fledged novels if the urge strikes. MyΒ  Amazon author page where you can check out my little list of books:

Kemkem Author Page

I would appreciate your checking out the book, buying and leaving a review. I need all the encouragement l can get :-). Have you ever harbored thoughts of writing? If yes, what have you done to make it happen?