reasons to be grateful and cheerful series life

I have decided to highlight good reasons to be grateful. As someone who does a lot of reading, both of blogs novels and news, I notice a frequent underlying theme. Most people are quick to complain and point out bad things. The news is mostly filled with bad news, designed to bring on anxiety to the viewers. A constant diet of this leads to fear and can bring on depression and a whole host of maladies. Instead of focusing on the bad, I have chosen to accentuate the positive, appreciate the good things in life. Hopefully, this will encourage others to follow.

Life is so easy to take for granted. I have been lucky so far in my life to enjoy plenty of it. As the years creep up though, I notice things like my reflexes getting slower when l drive. I notice that l have to hold books further away from me in order to read. I notice that certain foods l  tolerated now cause me digestive problems. I notice that my bones ache just a little more and that l much prefer staying home and enjoying the company of my husband and dogs. My days of night prowling in the rear view mirror. Instead of hating it, I embrace it. I have no fear of getting older. I take medication for hypertension and have to watch my sugar intake for diabetes, but l’m still here. I lost an older sister to breast and lung cancer. She was only 49 and fought to live. When l see people moaning, groaning and whining about aging, I can’t help but remind them how lucky they are to have the one thing that my sister and many millions like her wanted but were robbed of. Life.

Everyday that you wake up is precious. Be grateful for life and say a silent prayer to whatever higher power you believe in. Life is what you make it and every day gives you a chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Embrace it!