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We are living in such a fast paced world, It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all your social media tasks. While the bedrock of blogging, and business efforts is creating great content, the other part that most of us forget is the marketing of said great content. There’s no use writing good stuff if there’s no one reading it. Here is a social scheduling tool that you definitely need to widen your reach.

Missinglettr is an amazing scheduling tool:

One of the main mainstays in the social marketing is the 80/20 rule. 80% of your strategy should be writing good content, with the other 20% devoted to directly promoting your business/blog. One of the most important aspects of running a blog or online business, or even brick and mortar business is making sure that your readers and buyers notice you. Recent studies have concluded that there are 2 million new blogs daily. Daily! How does one stand out in that landscape. Readers have so many choices and it gets increasingly difficult to stand out.

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One of my favorite tools in the blogging world is using Missinglettr. I have talked about this app before, and l continue to use it and believe in it. Missinglettr automates my blog posts by creating “campaigns” for each post. It is extremely easy to use. Once you sign up for Missinglettr and set up your account, your blog feed is monitored for new content. Don’t worry if you don’t know your feed, it will help you find it. For the most part, your feed will be yourwebsite.com/feed.


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Missinglettr  Campaigns:

Once you have a new blog post, Missinglettr creates a campaign and notifies you via email when the campaign is ready for your review. There are nine different dates where your content is published to the specified social media accounts you have. If you’re like most bloggers, you have your Facebook, Twitter, Google and others. Missinglettr will republish your content on your pages throughout the year so your content is out there for your viewers. One of my favorite things about Missinglettr is that it is not fully automated. The templates suggest content for you, but you have the ability to change the words and the images if desired. For someone like me, who doesn’t like the thought of the same exact wording and image on my posts,¬† l spend a few minutes craft ing great ones and select the best image to match. You even have the option of using text bubbles, which might work best for twitter for instance.¬† When you’re satisfied, you can then approve your campaign and choose a start date for it. There is even a button that alerts you to a bigger audience by publishing your post on Medium, something l like to take advantage of.

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The set it and forget mentality is great. No more worries because your content will get scheduled and run on the specified dates. If it’s seasonal, you can adjust the dates. If it’s evergreen, after the year is up, you can just regenerate the campaign.(I think there might be an option for 2 year campaigns but l haven’t tried it). You have to admit that it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about.

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Best bits of Missinglettr:

  • Ease of use. Easy to follow instructions and user intuitive.
  • The ability to schedule blog posts up to a year in advance automatically.
  • Content scraping is actually very good. A lot of times, I don’t even change the content pulled from the blog posts save for adding a few more words, saving me time.
  • I love the ability to add previous blog posts prior to starting with Missinglettr. Evergreen content can be added manually and a campaign will then be created.
  • Greater exposure to your content. Once you’ve written a post and publish it, your content gets buried quickly, thanks to the short attention span of people and the shelf life of content. Did you know that a tweet for instance has a life span of 18 minutes according to Moz. How handy to have your content constantly republished!

My discontent with Missinglettr is pretty minor.

  • I wish you could pick the number of posts published per social platform yourself. For instance, with the short lifespan of a tweet, it would be great to be able to publish like 8 times per day on twitter. The other platforms are fine, but twitter, l think deserves its own little check mark or something.
  • It’s kind of annoying having to have to “copy and paste” the content to Facebook. It’s not Missinglettr’s fault, but rather a new requirement by Facebook, so l can’t fault them.

Overall, I think Missinglettr is indispensable to bloggers and marketers alike. The cost is pretty reasonable and you get a pretty good return on investment (ROI). I switched from the free plan to paid because l finally realized you have to spend money to make money. There are of course other scheduling tools out there, but you get a bang for your buck with Missinglettr.

What scheduling tools do you use? Are you happy with it?

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