miami beach view of buildings and beach

This photo capture was from our cruise ship,  the Adonia as it left Miami on the way to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, continuing with the image capture series. It was our very first trip to Miami and we were excited. We actually arrived in the city 4 days before the cruise so that we could check out the city. I’m not sure why we never travelled to Florida prior to that. I guess it always seemed like there would be time, and then..boom.. we never made it there. We really loved it, but found it very expensive. We did the usual touristy things like visiting Miami Beach, checking out the Art Deco buildings (memories of Miami Vice still fresh on our minds after all those years) and old cars that were plentiful. We especially loved eating Cuban, as well as cuisine from other Latin countries.

crew entertaining passengers on cruise ship

The crew entertaining the passengers.

Our cruise to the Dominican Republic was part of  an experiment that was being conducted by Fathom Cruise, a division of Carnival Cruise Line. Billed as a “social impact” cruise, it was full of volunteers who chose from several options designed to help the people of the D.R in the form of labor. We helped with making chocolate and teaching English to the kids during the 3 days the Adonia was docked. It was gratifying to say the least. It was unique in that you had a vacation (the cruising part), but you still got to do something to help the less fortunate.
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Unfortunately, the Adonia only sailed for a few months before folding. I guess most people prefer to be completely on vacation or on a volunteer mission. We actually liked the idea of combining both. It wasn’t a completely failed experiment though. Fathom still operates, but without a dedicated cruise ship. It has been folded into regular Carnival cruises that go to the Dominican Republic and Cuba (the 2 countries chosen for social impact work).

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What do you think about social impact vacation cruises? Would you do one?