Introduction to your WP dashboard:

At this point, you should have already crossed these off your list assuming you have been following the tutorial.

We will now proceed with familiarizing ourselves with the menus on WP. Below is a screen shot of the dashboard when you first register. The podcast goes through the function of each menu.

introduction to your wordpress dashboard savvyproblogger

The platform itself,  you will find very easy to use as it is intuitive. It’s really hard to screw anything up at this point, so make sure you click, see and even set things to your own liking.

Web Hosting

There will be some menu items to avoid tampering with and I mention those. Unless you’re familiar with coding, you do not want to mess with things like the CSS function. It is a recipe for disaster and should be left to the experts 🙂 . The most important buttons, the ones that you will be using most often include your:

Dashboard Home – This is where you will get the stats for your blog. Visits and where the traffic came from.

Media – This is where you upload images, pdf files, and even video. As suggested on the podcast, link specific images to the post you’re working on. This will save time in the future when you have a lot of media files. One thing you need to be aware of is that images can be big and take up a lot of space. What this does is slow down your website considerably for your audience. You don’t want that. If your page loads too slowly, people will get turned off, click off and never return. You want to get the images a small as possible without loss of quality.

Comments – If people take the time to comment on your posts, you owe it to them to reply. If you don’t, they will go away. If you would rather not have any comments on your blog, you can shut it off (not recommended).

The next post and podcast will touch on themes and the plugins you need to start with to give you a more cohesive blog. There are literally thousands of plugins and it can be overwhelming. You just need a few.

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