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International beer day was first celebrated back in 2007. It started out as a small local event in Santa Cruz, California, but has slowly grown into a world wide celebration of beer. Currently, over 50 countries across six continents celebrate it. When is international beer day you ask? The day is celebrated on August 4th yearly. International beer day was conceived to serve three purposes.

  • Enjoy beer with friends. How better to celebrate a social event like this than having a cold beer with your mates? I would like to add that it is also a great time to try something new. Stray from your regular brand and perhaps try a foreign beer. If you normally drink Budweiser, live a little and try an Italian Peroni or perhaps a Belgian Stella Artois. You might find a new favorite.
  • Celebrate the brewers  and servers of beer. From big breweries to your craft beer makers to the lone experimenter in the basement. It’s a day to acknowledge them. Show your appreciation by purchasing and by tipping generously. The bartenders and the waiters will certainly appreciate it.
  • Uniting the world by celebrating the beers of all nations on the same day. There is so much discord in the world right now, we need all the unity that we can muster. International beer day is a great way to set aside our problems for just a little bit and come together for a happy occasion. For just a day, we can pretend that all is well.
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What we’ll be having for the day. Our international beer day selection.

Since it’s the dog days of summer, how nice it would be to perhaps enjoy a cook-out with friends and family. You could have your guest bring a different kind of beer that they normally wouldn’t buy. Put them all together and have a tasting party. We did this one year with our neighbors on the street and l discovered that l really like the Shiner Bock, a Texas made beer. The “light blonde” flavor a close second. I can safely say there is no way l would have ever tried that on my own.

For this International beer day, we are trying a German made beer. We purchased a case of it and are having 5 friends over later on in the evening. They are Italian, but bringing foreign (to them) beer. We are picking up some pizza which will be washed down with beer. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

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Have you every heard of International beer day? If yes, how are you going to celebrate it? If not, will you start?