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Carving Your Best Path In The Digital World

The online world is an ever changing landscape and it can be immensely hard trying to keep up. What works right now does not necessarily mean it will work tonight, never mind tomorrow. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up. This frustration can sometimes kill your...

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3 Things To Do About The Equifax Breach Scandal

The Equifax breach scandal is another one in a long list of corporate misconduct. There is a massive ongoing controversy regarding the criminal acts perpetrated by Well Fargo bank. Millions of fraudulent accounts were opened by employees without consent of the...

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Best Portable Washing Machine

Are you tired of having to haul your laundry to the laundromat? Hoarding change in anticipation of laundry day? Waiting endlessly in an enclosed space waiting for an available unit and then having to spend time waiting for your wash to be done because the fear of...

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Is High Debt Worth A Gruesome Death?

The famous saying goes that there are only two things in life that can be counted on. Death and Taxes. This is attributed to Benjamin Franklin who wrote it in a 1789 letter about the new constitution. I love his autobiography and l would urge everybody to read it. He...

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