home made thai chicken pasta

We have been living outside the U.S for almost 5 years now. While l love traveling and discovering new places, I also miss some of my favorite dishes, in addition to friends and family of course. I have had a hankering for my favorite dish on the menu at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), namely Thai Chicken Pasta. If you’ve ever had it, you know it is just absolutely mouth watering and tasty.  I have yet to find anything that comes close, not even when we visited Bangkok. Yes, I know CPK is an Americanized version of a classic Thai dish, but l loved their interpretation.

thai chicken pasta ingredients

Some of the ingredients for my home made thai chicken pasta dish.

After lusting for this dish for so long, I finally decided to see if l could find a recipe online. I hit the jackpot on the first try and l decided to give it a go. You know l was really, really desperate as l chose to cook. I hate, make that loath cooking and l am more than happy to let my husband handle all the cooking and l am the human dish washer. He has been cooking since he was a kid and his food rivals that of any restaurant. I am indeed a lucky girl 🙂 . This easy to follow recipe was great. I had to make some adjustments and use the closest ingredients l could find at a Spanish supermarket. The end result was fantastic and l was proud of myself. Not only was my craving satisfied, but my husband was happy to have an afternoon off, and he enjoyed the meal too, very much so.

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My next plan is to attempt the Thai Chicken Pizza. It should be easy to do. I’m even going to be bold and julienne the carrots myself since l can’t find it. I went on our local expat group on Facebook and was told of a grocery store in the city to buy Asian condiments. Hopefully, I will find the Hoisin sauce which would take the dish to the ultimate level. If you like Thai food, you should try this recipe. Make it part of your frugal living lifestyle. Theirs was roughly $13.95 per plate. Home made thai chicken pasta cost? Less than $5 for 2 big plates. Winning!!!! 🙂 .

Do you love cooking? What is your favorite dish?