how to celebrate 4th of july

Independence day is all about fun and festive ways to celebrate the 4th of July as summer barrels in. The kids are out of school and parents relish having a day off work to spend time with family and catch up with friends. This post will show you how to have a patriotic 4th of July while still having fun. It doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here are some ways to spend your holiday by doing things with a twist.

Fun, Festive Ways to Celebrate 4th of July: How to celebrate 4th of July

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Picnic in the Park:

This has got to be one of the best ways of enjoying summer. The park is a lovely setting to people watch and clear your head and mind. Holidays have a way of making people come together. Pack a picnic basket and take the kids to the park. Make sure to have some toys for the little ones. Bring a ball so they can play with other kids in the park. Get a game going with other families. Not only do you get to meet people this way, but you end up making it memorable. If you’re a couple, pack some lovely wine or adult beverage and have a romantic day in the park. If you’re single, get out there too and use it as an excuse to check out the opposite sex. Who knows? Letting your guard down might just open you up to new possibilities. Instead of reading the latest novel at home, read it in the park. Some great reads this summer for me include the sequel to A Time to Kill (great movie and even greater book) by John Grisham called Sycamore Row. Make your picnic festive with 4th of July themed plates and spread. If you’re more in to early retirement and finance, check out my recommendations of books to inspire.

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Fireworks – Always a great way to celebrate 4th of July


What is a 4th of July celebration without fireworks? A dull one, that’s what! A picnic usually concludes with fireworks and that is a fitting end to a wonderful day. My fondest memories of the holiday growing up in Boston was the anticipation of watching John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra  play after a picnic with friends on the esplanade at Charles River. The fireworks always took the word spectacular to a whole new level every year. For my friends, who were immigrants like me, it was always absolutely marvelous. It made you proud to belong. Check out the program for 4th of July celebration in Boston here. Makes me wish l was there.


4th of July celebration usually means a day of barbecue at a friend’s or with family at home. Copious amounts of food and drinks are consumed. Traditional 4th of July food includes grilled burgers and corn on the cob. Kick your party up a notch by making some patriotic drinks like this red, white and blue jello shots or the red white and blue sangria. You can find find more brilliant, fun, festive ways to celebrate 4th of July with drinks here. Add a patriotic 4th of July cake or strawberries for dessert for extra pop. This will differentiate this from other run of the mill barbecues. Get some more ideas for fun, festive ways to celebrate 4th of July with food from this Shape magazine article. I love the flag veggie tray :-).


Another excellent way to spend the day. Grab that patriotic 4th of July beach towel and spend your day swimming, reading or whatever you want. Just make sure to have sunscreen slathered on or you might live to regret it. No matter what skin color you have, you still need to protect it from the sun. Check out this patriotic beach umbrella. You can also wear your flag sandals, shorts, bandana etc. to show your pride.


If you love movies like l do, you can always watch patriotic movies to celebrate 4th of July. Perhaps the most famous patriotic movie is Yankee Doodle Dandy, but there are others that l prefer. Here are just a few to consider.

Independence Day:

One of my favorite movies with Will Smith. Aliens attacking over the holiday period.

National Treasure: A rollicking movie with Nicolas Cage and a treasure hunt.

Born on the 4th of July – A powerful movie by Oliver Stone starring Tom Cruise.

Hair – Not your traditional movie but it remains one of my favorites, and amazing songs to go with the ultimate price paid for freedom.

What’s 4th of July really all about?

4th of July celebrates our independence from Great Britain in 1776. The Declaration of Independence is actually a statement that was adopted in Philadelphia by the 13 colonies who were then at war with Great Britain and declared themselves as new sovereign states no longer under their rule. They formed a new nation. The United States of America. Fun fact – The vote was passed on July 2nd, but it was actually approved on July 4, which is when we celebrate. Do other countries celebrate 4th of July? No! It is an American holiday. They might partake in festivities, but they are not official.

What’s open 4th of July:

Since 4th of July is a Federal holiday, all the banks and other government offices will be closed. Most department and grocery stores will be open however, often with limited hours. Make sure to check your favorite stores to see what said hours are. If you take medication, check your supply before the 4th of July in case you need a refill with doctor’s approval as most Doctors offices will be closed. Chain drug stores will often have a 24 hour pharmacy open if you have an emergency.

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Have fun celebrating the 4th of July. Try and make it as memorable as your Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Remember not too get too wasted. Have a designated driver if you insist on drinking to excess.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate 4th of July? What does Independence day mean to you? Any plans for the day off?