Outstanding Frugal Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List

This year sure went by fast didn’t it? It seemed like only yesterday l was making plans for the new year. At first l thought it was a sign of me getting older, but in talking with friends and family, it seems to be the same for everyone. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you will know that l always think one should spend money wisely. In order words, get quality items at good prices. Christmas time, the world goes into a frenzy. The tendency to overspend overrides common sense. It’s easy to get swayed by the commercials hawking everything from perfume to a new car for Christmas. Not sure what circles these marketers are in, but l don’t know anyone who can afford to give someone a luxury car for Christmas. Do you? For the rest of us average people, I have put together a few items that will surely be crowd pleasing, no matter who is on your list. Why just 6 things you might be ask? Because l believe these will cover the needs and desires of everyone on your list. The fact that they are affordable Christmas gifts? Icing on the cake. You’re welcome.

Frugal Christmas Gifts For Everyone:

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Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:

mpow headset frugal christmas gift
My precious. I love this headphones. I find myself listening to more music than ever.

I’ve talked about this particular headset in a previous post as a gift for stressed out loved ones and l can’t say enough about it. I use these headset on a daily basis. In addition to the Mpow, we also have a Bose headset that is noise cancelling. While it is true that the Mpow does not cancel active noise, I find them extremely comfortable and yes, it does filter out some noise (passive). I love the Bluetooth technology that enables you to talk hands free. You can listen to music for up to 13 hours (yikes! 🙂 ) before you need a charge. It also comes with a cable to to make it wireless in case you need to keep going. I love the fact that it folds and comes with a pouch. My Bose doesn’t do that. I love the cute little bag it comes in too. Did l mention how much l love the soft foam on my ears? I’ve never been a fan of the little ear bud thingies. They always fall out, and l find it hard to remember which one goes in each ear as the writing is super tiny. The clear marking on the Mpow makes it impossible to go wrong. At less than $40, you can’t go wrong either.

Tile Mate Key Finder:

frugal christmas gifts for everyone
Tile mate key finder. An awesome and useful Christmas gift.

Do you have forgetful people like my husband on your list? The Tile Mate would make a wonderful and extremely useful Christmas gift. This little square thing is super thin, like credit card thin. You can attach it to your key ring or to anything that gets misplaced often, like a wallet or cell phone. Those are two things my husband constantly searches for. Working with Bluetooth technology, it can make your phone ring, even when it’s in silent mode. Never lose your luggage or important stuff again. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts a year and you can get a replacement tile at a discount price. Please note that your items are tracked with an free app that is downloadable from the Apple store or on Google Play for android devices. For under $30, it’s a great gift. You can also buy a 4 pack for multiple gifts.

Dragon Touch Kids Tablet:

dragon touch tablet y88x savvyproblogger

A bit pricey at about $70 but l think parents will welcome the quiet that comes with the total concentration from the kids. This 7 inch tablet comes loaded with apps like Netflix as well as a bonus in the form of a Disney book with titles like Frozen,  Beauty and the Beast and Zootopia. It is of course a fully functional tablet. You can add a microSD card up to 32G for even more storage of pictures, movies and video. It comes with a kid proof case with a sturdy stand too, so no need for them to hold it all the time. A gift that will grow with the kids and will certainly get lots of use.

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys:

In the tradition of Furbys is the latest must have in interactive toys. These monkeys come in different colors and respond to sound and motion. They seem to be the latest craze with tweens. Note that there are many fake ones out there, so do yor research and get the original Fingerlings so as not to disappoint the recipients.

Innogie Dual USB Portable Power Bank:

innogie alien power charger savvyproblogger
How futuristic is this power bank? Love it!

Small and powerful power bank that is lightweight. This makes an amazing gift for just about everyone since the majority of us carry so many electronics. This alien looking bad boy can charge your phones and tablets fully multiple times. The fact that you can charge 2 things at a time wows me. Less than $20 too! Practical and extremely useful at a frugal price.

Gift Card (s):


Perhaps not as personal as some other gifts, but definitely practical. Some people are hard to buy for. A gift card lets the recipient choose what they really want/need and in the end, isn’t that the whole point? You can’t go wrong with Amazon gift cards. They have no expiration date and no attached fees. Comes in a cute gist box too and you can choose the gift amount. I hope you agree that my choices for frugal Christmas gifts are suitable for everyone on your list.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Were you frugal with your purchases or did you go all out.

18 thoughts on “Outstanding Frugal Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List”

    • I’ve been wracking my brains to remember the Beanie Babies. They definitely remind you of that whole madness. I guess there will always be one in every generation. I couldn’t believe how crazy some of my friends kids were about this :-).

    • Yeah. My husband is getting one for the holidays because he drives me crazy everyday looking for his keys..because of course, everything stops for me and him till he finds it 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, my daughter could use that key finder because she’s always looking for them lol. Truth be told, I could use one too.

  2. Great Ideas!!! The tile finder was shown to my husband and I a couple of months ago, we were looking for trackers for our children and he said we could use those and drop one in their backpacks!

    • The tile finder seems to be a much needed tool for a whole lot of us :-). Putting it in the backpacks sounds like an awesome way to keep track of them. Safety is a big concern.

    • Haha! You sound like my hubby! He loses everything too. He is always searching for something and so positive he left it “here”.. LOL! Wrong every time of course! Perfect gift for yourself then :-).

    • Definitely a useful and very functional gift that will grow with the kids, education and entertainment wise. Can’t go wrong with that.

  3. My kids need new tablets so that might just be there one gift. I like the price point on this one as compared to many of the others.


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