Would You Like Some Fries With That Heart Attack Sandwich?

Yikes! The burger flame wars are intensifying. Did you know about the new burger unveiled by Burger King called the “Double Quarter Pound King”. This mammoth sandwich is made with over 1/2 pound of beef before grilling. It promises to give McDonald’s Double quarter pounder a run for its money. The battle for our money continues. While this sounds mouth-watering, it is a bit concerning when you dive a bit deeper into what goes into it. No need to ask “where’s the beef?” . It’s in there. Check it out and see if it’s worth tempting fate with your health.

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Over half a pound of beef!!! The sandwich has :

  • 2 beef patties
  • 2 slices American cheese
  • Ketchup
  • Onions
  • Pickles
  • Mustard
  • Sesame seed bun

That does indeed sound very delicious. Let’s examine the caloric content of this burger, shall we?

900 Calories

54gm of fat

1740mg og Sodium

50gm of Carbohydrates

11gm of Sugar

56gm of Protein

210mg of Cholesterol

Sounds yummy doesn’t it? For a 2,000 caloric intake per day which is the usual recommended amount for a healthy adult, the recommended daily intake of fat should be between 44-78 grams. This means that just this burger alone eats up more than half of your fat intake as well as almost half of your daily caloric intake. Add this to the fact that most of us rarely have a sandwich by itself, you have to include the sides such as fries or onion rings which raises the intake even higher. Of course you could try and make yourself feel better by having the salad 🙂 , but so you know, even the little salad with dressing packs on another 30 grams of fat and 300 calories. Even better yet you say, have a diet soda to even things out. Yeah 🙂 .

What does this mean for the body? A steady diet of high fat and calories  with no exercise leads to obesity, an ongoing problem with our society. This increases your chance of being a future candidate for heart attacks and angioplasty (surgical repair or unblocking of coronary artery). While this is fast becoming a very common operation in the States, it doesn’t mean that one should aspire for this.

I am by no means perfect. I slip up every now and then with my caloric intake. I very rarely resist a craving for a Kit-Kat or a scoop of ice cream in the summer despite my high blood sugar levels. I think complete deprivation is counter-productive, at least for me. I have had friends who dieted forever, but then once they reach their ideal weight, go right back to the unhealthy habits they had before, resulting in yo-yo dieting. Remember Oprah in those days?

So, should you eat this alluring double quarter pound king burger?

If you’re healthy and desire it, I guess so. If you’re not so healthy and desire it, perhaps a compromise. Share it with someone. You satisfy your craving and hopefully, it disappears. Skip the side though. A better option might be to save yourself the $5.39 cost of the burger. For that, you could get some chicken or turkey and a bag of salad, make yourself a nice healthy plate of food, and maybe still have some pennies left over. Put that in your piggy bank and start your emergency fund. Your wallet and waistline will thank you.

Are you a fast food or health food junkie? Have you tried this new double quarter pound burger?


10 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Fries With That Heart Attack Sandwich?”

    • Oh good that they never got into the habit of eating these fast food goodies. Even though they didn’t appreciate it then, I’m sure they do now :-).

  1. “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!” -heard that jingle enough during my childhood that I have never forgotten it. You are so right that we can’t live our cravings! And that is something I need to keep in mind particularly during the winter season or when I am stressed out (right now, both!).

    • I do remember those commercials too. They always make them look so good and juicy. It is hard to eat right in the winter isn’t it when the nights are long and cold. I’ve been stocking up on apples, tangerines, and other fruit l find in the store..plus walnuts and cashews for when the urge strikes :-).

  2. Thank God, Burgers aren’t that much of a celebrity in Nigeria but we have foods that are high in calories. And many of us are naturally big in body. I think it’s best when the cravings hit, that we cook our own foods and use substitutes that reduce calories.

    • Haha!! Not to mention high sugar content. My favorite is some dodo and malta. My nickname growing up was “ma de je dodo” as apparently that was the only thing that could placate me growing up. Yep! We are naturally big :-). I’m lucky that my husband hates eating out, not just because he’s frugal, but because he loves to cook :-).

  3. I’m sticking with my avocados! That’s what I blogged about today. That other stuff, yikes, it’ll catch with ya! Good post!

    • I love avocado. Maybe not like in the avocado craze of putting it in everything though 🙂 . Here, everything is fresh from farm to store so they are super yummy. Fast food? Last time we had it was in Brussels like 3 years ago. No other place was open 🙂 .


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