As a blogger, there are tons of different and much needed social media tools to use as part of your blogging arsenal. We have previously talked about needed plugins and social media tools. Some are free, and some are paid. In an ever evolving landscape of the online world, you have to determine what doesn’t work, but more importantly what works for you. As part of the online tools that l find very effective, l want to share with you one of my favorite tools to date, Recurpost.

Recurpost is a social management tool that helps to breath new life into your old posts. As a blogger, you put your heart and soul into your writing. There is a mantra that is commonly said in the blogging world. Your writing should be 20% and your promotion should be 80%. It took me a very long time to find that out. When l was starting out, everyone said to keep writing good content. That is all well and good. What sucks is writing all that content but having just you and your mom be the only readers. Constant promotion is a much needed part of your social strategy. This is where Recurpost comes in.

Free, Simple & Powerful Blogging Tool : Recurpost

simple free recurpost powerful tool price plans

I started using Recurpost about a month ago. I wanted to try it out myself before recommending it to others. I find it so easy to setup and use. The dashboard is extremely friendly and clean. Often, after writing a post, l tweet it, put it on Facebook and Google plus. Most of the time, it becomes forgotten pretty quickly. Recurpost allows you to add your blog feed to the accounts that you set up. It then pulls from your content library and schedules it automatically or on a schedule that you assign. When it’s all done with the current, it starts the rotation all over again without you having to lift a finger. How awesome is that, especially for evergreen content? .

free and simple recruits is a powerful tool

There is also an editorial calendar which shows you what is being publicized and when. You can edit the description if you like, add hashtags or change the image. You can also shuffle the posts which l love. I tend to write in an editorial style, meaning writing in the order of occurrence. This might mean l have 6 posts about Japan, one right after the other. The shuffle ability changes this up which l like, mixes Japan with Spain for instance in an effort to attract a wider audience.

free simple recurpost is a powerful tool

The standard free plan lets you set up 3 social media accounts with 100 Recurring Updates. You also have the Editorial Calendar and unlimited RSS feed, even an Analytics Report. I have really come to love Recurpost and l find that my old forgotten posts are getting new life via Facebook and Twitter. I only wish l had discovered this earlier, but better late than never. The next plan up from the free plan is Medium plan which costs $25/month. This lets you add 10 accounts and 1,000 updates. I intend to move up to this plan once l have a sizable library of content for this blog. I definitely think you should consider adding Recurpost to your blogging arsenal. It is easy, free and effective! I couldn’t be happier with the results and l hope you will find it helpful as well.

Have you heard of Recupost? If yes, what do you think? If not, do you think it will help with breathing new life into your old posts? For me, it really is a free, simple and powerful tool.