divatress offers quality wigs at great prices

As a follicle challenged lady, I am always in search of good quality wigs to wear when l go for special evenings out with my husband and anytime l feel like dressing up a bit. Nothing makes me feel sexier than flowing tresses with a nice dress and some heels. The confidence l exude is never lost on the hubby and he loves it!. Winning! :-).

Time for a change..

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Divatress offers amazing quality wigs at nice prices:

divatress offers amazing quality wigs at great prices

I think l could rock this sexy loop braid, and in this color too!. I would feel like Chaka Khan 🙂

I was therefore very excited to hear and then see the wigs from Divatress, an online shop whose motto is “Feel like a Diva, Be a Diva”. Appropriate. I am happy to say this is a go to for me to shop for wigs. You can find the shop here and I’m positive you will find something to your liking. Divatress not only offers a variety of human and synthetic wigs, straight and curly,  they also offer an extensive mix of crochet loop braids. I especially like the fact it will literally save hours of sitting in a chair squirming while having my hair braided. I am so impatient and hate sitting still. Nowadays, very few of us have the time to devote hours to hair care. Wigs offer fast styling and they are definitely low maintenance.

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Looking at the Divatress online shop, I have so far picked out these wigs to add to my collection. Which one do you think l should go for? I can’t decide. Another good thing about the collections are the reasonable prices. Very consumer friendly and won’t break the bank. Divatress also offers a whole array of hair, body and beauty products so you can do all your shopping in one go. They even have some trial sizes for travelers and people on the go so you don’t have to surrender your oversized containers at the airport :-). With free shipping within the U.S for orders over $49, you can’t go wrong! Make sure to check out their site and you will agree that Divatress does offer quality wigs at affordable prices :-).

What do you think of Divatress? Do you ever up your game with wigs or do you prefer the 6 plus hours in a salon chair?








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