Daily Writing Challenge Lessons Learned

daily writing challenge lessons learned

Mission accomplished on my daily writing challenge! You’ll remember that my mission to kick-start the new year was to join an ultimate blogging challenge. This challenge required each person to write and post a new blog daily. I had been contemplating doing this for at least a couple of years, but l had so many excuses for not joining.

Too little time, which is a ridiculous excuse for me as l certainly always found time to watch TV for instance. Here is my thought on this ultimately amazing and rewarding challenge, not to mention finding new online blogs to read.

Daily wiritng challenge: 30 days nonstop.

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mission accomplished stamp

No one was more surprised than me that l wrote and published a blog post every single day for the whole 31 days. I think there were about 20 bloggers who started the challenge and l think (but not sure), roughly a quarter managed to finish.

It does take a lot of consistency and determination, and yeah time 🙂 . For bloggers with family commitments, business etc, it’s not easy to find the time. There is no prize for finishing, it’s more of a personal goal because l have switched my mindset away from New Year resolutions which works better for me.

Lessons learned from the daily writing challenge:

  • I am as stubborn as l think l am. When l want to really do something, I rarely let anything stop me.
  • It’s nice to have support. On the days l wanted to skip a day, my husband was my biggest cheerleader. I also got a boost from going to the group and seeing that others had posted prior to me and that gave me a kick in the ass.
  • I not only enjoy reading, I enjoy writing as well. I fully intend to do more of both, in the form of blog posts on here, writing short stories, and more help books on  Amazon.

The other big win for me was discovering new blogs (to me) that l enjoy reading. Here are 4 in among the many that l enjoy and think you should check out for good reads.

Others who participated in the daily writing challenge:

Martha is a mom, grandmother, and great grandmother who reviews products and writes about her family. I enjoy reading about her life and interior design work (custom drapery), and food, glorious food.

Paul is the admin of the FB group and an online digital strategist. His blog is chock full of helpful advice for small business owners and bloggers. You’ll learn for sure.

Roy writes really deep and thoughtful posts about taxes, the internet and pollution among others since he is  a polymath and inventor. I like to know a little about a lot of things, but he knows a lot about a lot of things. Since l enjoy learning, it’s a good find for me.

I’d never heard of hygge (yeah.. I know l am behind the times 🙂 ) till l read Jeanine’s blog on the comfort of hygee , a Danish concept of coziness. It’s been really nice following along with movie nights and other fun activities.

My plans for the blog is to write a new post at least twice a week. I still need to drill down and see what niche l want to be in. I enjoy helping people with financial tips, but l also enjoy writing about blogging tips. Any input is welcome. I would also recommend doing this challenge if you’re a new blogger and need a jump start to get you out of the rut, to meet other bloggers and to learn new things, like where to find blog post ideas and how to market yourself.

How have you challenged yourself lately?

14 thoughts on “Daily Writing Challenge Lessons Learned”

  1. I LOVED your first conclusion! And, that will be critical to continue to post routinely. There are times of the year (right now is one of them) when I am busier than that proverbial one-armed paper-hanger redoing a 15 story luxury hotel over the course of a week. So, that stubbornness comes in might handy.
    So does writing as long as you find it fun a few days a week- and scheduling those posts for a future date. then you only have to spend a few minutes giving the post a once-over before hitting the “go live” button. (That’s my trick, by the way…)

    • Good trick! Thanks for sharing. I actually never do that even though it seems obvious..duh! I bet you’ll be happy on April 16th after things ease up just a bit. I will start writing past a post at a time henceforth.

  2. Unlike you I did not manage to write for the whole 31 days. I was six short of that goal and I kind of fizzled at the end. However I did learn a couple of lessons that I intend to blog about later today.

    • It’s still a good try for sure :-). It was very hard to do sometimes. Glad you learned some lessons and l look forward to reading about them. Congratulations :-).

  3. Holy guacamole! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!! And I am so glad you were a part of my journey this month. I enjoyed reading your posts and hope we stay connected. Congrats on making it to the end.

    • I hope so too. It was nice discovering your blog and coziness 🙂 . I will continue to read and follow your journey. Congratulations to you as well, you were first up pretty much every single day, which was encouraging.

  4. YAY!! Congrats on accomplishing your mission! I too made it through the month but then again once I set my made to do something, I HAVE to complete it, no matter what! What a surprise to see my name in print on your blog!!! My blogs tend to flutter from food, family and window treatments, and other things that float through my mind! My “after the challenge goal” is to also write a few blogs a week and hope to see many of the challenge bloggers still carrying on! I’ve enjoyed your blogs, looking forward to reading many more before the next UBC! Again, thanks for the shout out!!

    • Yeah. I like your blog for exactly that reason. You write about a variety of things which l tend to do on here too. I know at some point, I have to narrow it down, but for now, I like sharing whatever plops into my head 🙂 . I hope we both keep it up and make consistency a focus. It was a really nice challenge and so glad l stuck with it throughout.


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