consistency in blogging is a must for success i
A big reason for me doing a thirty day challenge is is to test my resilience. I started blogging almost four years ago. In addition to this blog, I also have a travel blog where l document our slow travel lifestyle adventures in Europe and beyond. It started out as an online diary that was meant to keep my family aware of our whereabouts. This second blog came out of the desire to spread my wings so to speak and talk about other topics, including blogging, finance topics and current threads. There are some lessons learned, one of which is that consistency in blogging is a must if one has any chance of being successful.

Once you start blogging, you get fired up about the wonderful content that you write, be it your next blockbuster novel or recipe. I often say the worst part of blogging is not the writing itself, it’s the being seen and discovered part. In order words, the marketing. If your blog is a hobby and only intended as an online journal, you might not care if anyone discovers it or not. If you have wisdom that you want to impart on others, then it only makes sense to be concerned about reaching your audience.

When l first started blogging, everyone told me how much hard work is involved. You have to not only write, but schedule your posts and do other social media interactions. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of blogs l knew and read at the beginning are no longer in existence. They just disappear. Some do it because of monetary constraints, they don’t want to sign on again and pay hosting fees. I always recommend SiteGround hosting to anyone who wants a great option in low cost and with awesome tech support when needed. Others do it because they run out passion for what they started but most seem to do it because they have difficulty growing an audience.


One major lesson learned is consistency in blogging. Very few bloggers have overnight success. Most seem to plug away for years before starting to reap the benefits of the hard work. Consistency lays a foundation for retaining readers. They have to know they can come to the site and see new blog posts, nobody likes to visit a graveyard. If you abandon your blog, your readers will too. Here are some social media tips to help. This is something l struggle with too as we tend to travel a lot but l am hoping that a new year will bring a fresh start.

Are you a blogger? Do you find it hard to blog consistently?