comparison is the thief of joy

I find myself quoting this saying often because it is usually true. Being in the blogging world for instance, you can’t help but find extremely  successful bloggers. People who are considered the superstars. Bloggers living like rock stars and making serious bank. There are fashion bloggers who are making a killing on Instagram for instance. These superstar influencers are flown all over the world for campaigns amounting to nothing more than taking a few pictures, posting it on their feed in the hopes of reaching their huge audience. I suspect that the companies just assume that reaching said audience automatically translates to them actually purchasing the product, which is often untrue. Comparing yourself to these bloggers can make you unhappy, depressed, make you feel like a failure to the point of giving up. In this case, comparison is the thief of joy. You don’t know the back story of these bloggers and therefore should not compare yourself to them. For instance, they might have been blogging for eons of years, way before blogging became popular, have paid their dues and paved the way for newer bloggers like you to become more accepted. You can’t expect to waltz in and be on the same level. Use them for inspiration instead. Aspire to reach their levels and stop hating.

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On the other hand, I have found comparison to lead to a feeling of gratefulness which in turn makes you happy and satisfied with your life. If you compare your life for instance with a kid born into poverty in a third world country, who lacks basic things like a roof over their head, running water, even shoes. Things that you take for granted without skipping a beat and even complain about (holy hell if the elevator in your building breaks down and you have to climb 3 flights of stairs, throwing away the food because Lord forbid, they put mustard when you specifically said none etc..etc.). Comparing yourself in this case makes you realize just how fortunate you are to have been born into such a good life, challenges yeah..but a good life just the same. Hopefully, this in turn snaps you out of your self-pity and might even make you take action. Perhaps it might inspire you to help the homeless, or give to charity, bringing you even more peace and sense of purpose. In this case, comparison is not the thief of joy. It is the bringer of happiness and gratefulness.

Do you agree that comparison is the thief of joy all the time?