A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted Holds True Every Time

Updated: August 2022 A fool and his money are soon parted. This has always been true, and it will continue to be true. Think back to the days of the notorious scammers such as Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, MMM, Amway, and Herbal Life. The list goes on and on. The reason why? There are always … Read more

5 Surefire Ways Springing Ahead Can Motivate

Update March 2022 Springing ahead can motivate you without a doubt. Daylight Savings time is coming, and it can only mean one thing! Spring is upon us. Whether you call it Springing ahead of springing forward, the change can mean a psychological shift of the psyche which can have an overall┬ábeneficial effect. It’s a well-known … Read more

How To Rock Valentine’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

Valentine’s Day is here again. Goody! For the rich, a private jet whisking their significant other to Paris for a meal at a restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower might be a small token of their love, but for the rest of us who need to watch our money, it is out of the question. Here … Read more

3 Awesome Reads For Inspiration OF WEALTH

Here are 3 awesome reads for inspiration and wealth accumulation. Now that you’ve made your achievable goals for the year, you might be looking for inspiration. Often times we have good ideas that excites us to the core. You can picture the end result in your mind but unfortunately have no clue how to forge … Read more

How To Save Money Effortlessly And Effectively

Save money effortlessly the best way! While most people are very adept at saving money, there are still others (sometimes that includes me!) that need just a little more motivation than normal. Becoming frugal is a constant struggle and not instantaneous. You just can’t wish it and make it so, you have to work at … Read more

Carving Your Best Path In The Digital World

The online world is an ever-changing landscape and it can be immensely hard trying to keep up. What works right now does not necessarily mean it will work tonight, never mind tomorrow. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up. This frustration can sometimes kill your ambition and dream. A quick look around and you … Read more

Relaxing Frugal Gift Ideas For The Stressed

 relaxing frugal gift ideas stressed

In the fast-paced world, we live in now, you’re hard-pressed to find people with little or no stress. The world as we know it is changing so rapidly. The markets are on their very own roller coaster and all we can do is hang on for the ride. Inflation is hitting us on all fronts. Is it any wonder why we are stressed?

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Natural disasters are occurring at an alarming frequency. From powerful hurricanes to earthquakes that have wreaked so much havoc and destruction, not to mention the loss of precious life. Turn on the TV and it seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Blame it on global warming if you will. I present some relaxing frugal git ideas for everyone.

7 relaxing frugal and fantastiv gift ideas

Add that to the stress of everyday life and you can see how stress management is definitely needed in one’s life. Hopefully, you are prepared for financial emergencies. Here are some relaxing and great gift ideas for you as well as stressed-out friends and family that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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4 Mainstream Common Misconceptions About Frugality Destroyed!

Frugality definition according to the dictionary is “The quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness”. While one might think this is a clear and definitive explanation, a lot of people still have extremely common misconceptions about frugality. Here are some that l see people assuming over and over again. Common Misconceptions About Frugality: … Read more

Could You Handle Sudden Wealth Responsibly?

mega millions generic

Could I handle sudden wealth responsibly? This has been on my mind lately and we all know why! One of the many ways to grow wealth for a better future is through savings and investments. This is the generally accepted norm. Another quicker way to wealth has been through sudden wealth. Sudden wealth refers to people who benefit from a windfall and suddenly have huge amounts of money. Best example would be lottery winners, especially when the pot balloons to insane amounts of money, resulting in otherwise conservative people getting pulled into the feverish coverage on television and radio advertisements buying tickets in hopes of winning, which results in even higher payouts. Winning big often leads to disruption of normal life and has been responsible for many families torn apart. Preparation is crucial in these circumstances. Here are some pointers that is of use for everyone, not just people who experience sudden wealth.

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Missinglettr Is The Perfect Time Saving Scheduling Tool

woman and text about scheduling

We are living in such a fast paced world, It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all your social media tasks. While the bedrock of blogging, and business efforts is creating great content, the other part that most of us forget is the marketing of said great content. There’s no use writing good stuff if there’s no one reading it. Here is a social scheduling tool that you definitely need to widen your reach.

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