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About Me: The Savvyproblogger

Hello! My name is Kemkem Casinelli. I am a married, young at heart woman. A woman with a passion for writing and travel. I attended High School and College in Boston, Mass, where l spent ten glorious years after l moved to the states from West Africa.

I graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and worked for a retail chain. A desire for warmer weather led me to Los Angeles where l continued to practice pharmacy in a retail setting. Despite my working full time, l still managed to travel as often as l could.

Meeting my husband only fueled that desire. He was also a travel lover, having moved to Melbourne, Australia prior to his move to L.A.

Shortly after getting married, we decided to settle in Houston for family reasons. A family tragedy served to show us just how precious life was. We no longer had the desire for the comforts of life that we had come to take for granted. We made the decision to travel more, and with our two rescue dogs in tow.

We  have a travel blog which l enjoy writing on .  My husband, who is a professional photographer, takes care of all most of the images. Over the years, l have become a bit more  passionate about photography as a result of seeing him work.

Among my other passions is a love for is helping others. When l first started blogging a few  years ago, there was not a lot of information on the internet that l found useful. I had no experience with graphic or blog design and soon discovered most tutorials were completely over my head.

Needing something a layperson would understand, I therefore took it upon myself to learn a few things. To help further, l took classes at a Design school located on the island of Malta. It was a great experience. It felt good to be back in class, and found to my amusement, that I was not the oldest one in the class, or the school.

It just goes to show you that it’s never too late to learn a new skill set.

While l don’t profess to be a world class techie, l do feel l can contribute something useful to everyone who has a desire to blog and claim their piece of the internet.  I truly believe everyone has a story to tell, and by telling it, they can in turn pay it forward and help others coming up behind them.

The reasons for coming on board differs for everyone. It might be to keep yourself accountable,  something to look back at, or maybe you have a money making idea but don’t know how to go about starting and sustaining a blog.

When I’m not writing, designing, or traveling, I usually have my nose buried in a book or playing online Scrabble. A big fan of fiction, l admire  authors like Ken Follett and John Grisham.

Personally, I find blogging therapeutic. I have a lot of friends who for some reason or the other, are not able to travel as much as they would like. I decided to help them “Armchair Travel” as l called it with the travel blog. This blog is for those who are finally ready to the online world. That’s how the Savvyproblogger came about.

As l grew, so did the blog. I have transitioned it into a place for finding budget advice as well as financial tips, from saving to investing and more. Being an early retiree, I believe l can encourage others to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early).

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to start your own blog. If you follow my easy tutorials, you’ll see that it’s not as scary as you might think. I hope you’ll take me up on the offer to join the net, and to enjoy it too.

You’re also in the right place if you’re looking for a rosier financial future. Welcome to the Savvyproblogger site. I hope you have learned more about me.